Why Erebos?

Our technologist provide custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We rapidly build sturdy software to suit all your business needs. Delivering quality services while facilitating agile transformations.

Our leadership will help you produce sustainable & maintainable digital products/services that your business can carry deep into the future.

We'll lead you through every step of the build process from determining the best UI/UX setup, to exploring the most efficient way to display data to your customers using multiple channels.

We'll architect both your front/backend & microservices using futureproof tech stacks & deploy them on highly scalable cloud platforms with enterprise security features. Our engineers continuously test at every stage of the project and we release in set intervals always ensuring to add value to your digital landscape.

Software Architecture

Our software engineers use modern programming principles with a high focus on robust service-oriented, event driven & serverless architectures.

We do not plague your business-critical applications or your digital landscape with legacy technologies which are extremely painful to maintain and scale as your business grows.

We specialize in restructuring/rewriting monolithic legacy web applications using modern software patterns. This results in empowering your business with higher dimensions of flexibility & enhanced digital innovation.

Technologies We Love

We proudly use enterprise tested tech-stacks under the hood to provide end users with unrivaled experiences. Have a look at some of the technologies we use.

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